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Farrah Abraham?s Parenting Slammed: Adult Film Star Dyes Daughter?s Hair?

The naturally dark-haired little girl appears to have some honey-colored highlights in her hair, but as Fishwrapper points out, they are very subtle and could be caused by nothing more than the lighting. It is best to point out that, in the photo, Farrahs hair also appears lighter on top that may very well be due to the lighting of the photograph. In fact, the way the photo appears on Twitter it seems as though Farrah took a picture of a picture to put on Twitter that could also explain the wonky lighting. Other photos of Sophia that have recently been posted do not show any potential highlights which help Farrah Abrahams parenting case. However, that hasnt stopped the former Teen Mom from being criticized for her parenting. Although she go hasnt mentioned anything about the potential hair highlights, even if she were to speak out about it, there is no doubt that people would still slam her parenting style.
Source http://www.inquisitr.com/1715717/farrah-abrahams-parenting-slammed-adult-film-star-dyes-daughters-hair/

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